Organizational Diagnostics

Diagnostic Assessment, Planning Workshop & Team Coaching

PerformanceInsights® is a comprehensive diagnostic, planning, and implementation program for small and medium sized businesses that includes:

  • Organization-wide Diagnostic Assessment that provides data statistically tied to employee retention and long-term profit performance.
      • Managers and employees complete a comprehensive, confidential survey that ranks a series of best-practice statements in 12 critical business best-practice areas on a differentiated scale.
      • There is a direct statistical link between these business practices areas and bottom-line results.
      • The performance data obtained is dynamic and forward-looking.
      • The resulting graphical management report provides a remarkably accurate snapshot of the culture of the organization.


  • Results-oriented management team Planning Workshop that produces an Action Plan targeting high-impact / low performance opportunities for organizational improvement.
    • This workshop allows this actionable knowledge that can be used immediately to begin working on needed changes.


  • Accountability-focused management team Coaching Sessions that ensure the action plan is effectively and efficiently implemented to achieve the desired results.



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PerformanceInsights® is a registed trademark of Renaissance EXECUTIVE FORUMS, Inc.