Job Benchmarking and Job Matching

Getting the Right People in the Right Positions

TTI TriMetrix DNA™ is a comprehensive, strategic, and statistically validated process available to small and medium sized businesses that reduces personal biases and issues in the hiring process, and the chances and cost of a “bad hire”.

Key accountabilities are the foundation for determining the exact combination of factors that a person will need to reach superior performance in a particular job position.

A particular job position is benchmarked by subject matter experts who do a complete analysis of 41 job related factors:


12 Behavioral traits show how a person will get the job done.

 6 Intrinsic motivators reveal why a person is motivated to perform on the job.

 23 Job-based skill competencies a person has demonstrated in prior work.


These 41 job-related factors produce factual data that describes the optimum job match, and it is incorporated into an Ideal Candidate Form.

This fact-based job form provides a detailed road map for steering recruitment and professional development for that particular job position.


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